July 2018

Are you doing anything local? Yes I am and it's a peach! Last Saturday in July, 28th, on the Barge Tea Rooms. They have a saloon below deck with a lovely little stage tucked into the bow. There's room for fifty seats, perfectly intimate.And upstairs there's a licensed bar. What could be better on a summer evening than listening to me play some NEW songs on the banks of the Blackwater? Nothing.

August 2015

Forgot to mention previously; the concert I did at the Oakhouse in Maldon in March to promote the new live album, the one that was streamed world-wide live, is now up on YouTube in its entirety here:


For anybody going to the Cropredy Festival (August 13th - 15th) and with access to Field 6a, the Hughes Arms, will be there.

After that I will be performing "Face To Face" as Cocker Freeman being interviewed by Barrie Jaimeson for two nights on Friday 11th, Saturday 12th September at the Moot Hall in Maldon.

On the Thursday, 24th September, I have a concert as the West Vineyard, Coggeshall, promoted by my friend James Partridge and Blue House Music. Contact details are on the Dates page.

February 2015

Now that the St Agnes Fountain tour is over for another year and my accounts are done, I can turn to my own stuff. Finally, I can go out on the road to promote my new album "Songs Of Integrity - Live At The Blue Boar Hotel". The first three concerts are on the dates page and include an album launch at the Oakhouse in Maldon which will be streamed live online here: http://www.ustreams.tv/channel/cm9-live

Hope to see you at one of the gigs but if you can't make it, there's always the live stream night.

So, I'm practising and my good friend Richard Townend has filmed me doing it. The resultant video is on YouTube here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RArL3tE7aD4
Speak soon.

November 2014

I've just taken delivery of my new live album recorded in July 2014. Songs Of Integrity Live At The Blue Boar Hotel will be officially released with a launch live on the web in February. But, seeing as I've already got it, I'm selling them now here: Shop.

It was an impromptu gig at the Blue Boar, thanks to the hard work of promoters Niki Timson Esson and Barrie Jaimeson of MacTheatre, Maldon. The venue I was supposed to be playing at that night closed down the week before. So with Niki and Barrie's help plus the technical expertise of Jamie Reece-Ford of Reese Productions, Maldon came to the rescue. I didn't know until the night that Jamie was recording the set. When I heard the results I asked Jamie if he could give me a copy of it. All it needed was some editing and mastering from my sonic guru and friend, Mark Tucker and with some considerable assistance from Chris While, I suddenly have a live album. And it's good! Integrity Live!

August 2014

Welcome to my new address.

First things first, I have representation. For the first time in nearly fifteen years I have somebody you can go and talk to. His name is Chris Maddocks and his company is BOS Live! (That stands for Bums On Seats and is the kind of philosophy I like). I've known Chris for ages. He bought me a lamb tikka when I rolled up with Fairport Convention at the Oakengates Theatre, Telford, in 1998 when he was the manager there. After that we met up regularly when I was performing and he was managing at Farnham Maltings in Surrey. He left there last year and is now waiting for your enquiry about ME! Charming chap:

CHRIS MADDOCKS - BOS Live: M: 07757 997 238 E: boslive@mail.com

Two dates to look out for in October. I have the great pleasure of opening for two of my favourite acts both of whom are visiting Essex:

Monday, 27th October, Colchester Arts Centre:

Tuesday, 28th October, Maldon Town Hall

Other news: I'm half-way through recording a new studio album with my long-time friend and co-producer Mark Tucker. I say "half-way"; we've done a week of recording with additional and glorious soundscapes from the Fender Strat of the wonderful Tim Stone. Tim's Fender and my Martin sound like they've known each other for years and it's not even a "rocky" album. It looks like it will be a New Year 2015 release.

And then, out of the blue, there's the possibility of a live album. I did an impromptu gig at the Blue Boar Hotel in Maldon in mid-July. It was recorded with no great intentions but, but d'you know, it's not bad! It's the first time I've felt I might have a live one in a decade. I've sent the tracks down to Mark Tucker and if he agrees with me that it's worth putting out, well, as soon as poss. I say.

The St Agnes Fountain tour kicks off on December 2nd in Wigton, Cumbria, home of Lord Melvyn Bragg and the best Deli in the world: Monkeytree Wigton.

More news soon.